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Construction & Real Estate Developer Company

MONG KHUN GROUP is more commonly known as MKC is a solely Cambodian owned construction company found in 2006 and has got the full registered under the regulation of commercial rules and register law, commercial enterprises law, civil code, and penal code of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2010. We aim to be one of the top construction company which provides full-service construction firm, serving in Cambodia by delivering effective building solutions to clients through design-build, general contracting and construction management methods. We take the time to make understand each project’s unique features and challenges and let our corporate values-safety, quality, and environment guide each and every decision we make on behalf of our clients. For 10 years, we’ve had project from government building, school, hospital, hotel, manufacturer etc.,

Pride from Skill and Expertise

Excellence and achievement from the project were a success for the team came together to meet with the highest attention to providing customer satisfaction. Due to our efforts, we get the certification appreciated the outstanding work and achievements that encourage us to create better work to be the highest value provider of construction services and technical expertise.


Mr. MONG KHUN - Founder



Welcome to Mong Khun Group (MKC), we acknowledge all our employees as an integral part of the company. Our talented professional that was honed for their skills and trained within Mong Khun Group are perfectly familiar with our company’s culture-building trust through honesty, reliability, and safety.

At Mong Khun Group, we believe that through the skills, expertise, determination, and mindset implanted at the core of our culture and strong company values, we will be able to progress and surpass what we have dreamed to achieve.

We greatly appreciate your continued interest and support for Mong Khun Group, as we continuously strive to upgrade ourselves in becoming a world-class construction company.

Thank you!

MONG KHUN GROUP Instroduction
Mr. PO Painlin - General Manager & Marketing Advisor


Started from humble beginnings, Mong Khun Group was established in 2002 and was founded by Mr. Mong Khun and Mrs. Sorn Sithy.

Early Years

The company model was run in a family business style due to its size and still new to the market.
Mr. Mong Khun is a licensed engineer responsible for the technical part of the business, while his co-founder, Mrs. Sorn Sithy also started her career in this industry as part of the team that built the 6A bridge along National Road No. 6 founded by JICA.

In 2006

The company achieved its first groundbreaking achievement when it was awarded to sub-contract and engaged as a consultant to immense projects such as Canadia Tower, Sofitel, Campu Bank and other reputable local and international companies, that built their infrastructures in Cambodia.

Present Day

Mong Khun Group continued to evolve throughout the years and have become one of the leading construction companies in the country, especially when quality is of utmost importance to the client. By having a proper and clear management of running business in a professional manner, the company continued to grow and become a household name in the construction sector.
MONG KHUN GROUP Vision and Mission


To create products with international standards by the competent workforce.
With high standard and sincere work, MONG KHUN Croup Co., Ltd enjoys a steady growth whereby the reputation of the company has gained wide acceptance within the country and has been able to extend its quality business toward Asian region. Cambodia is one of the fastest growing economies in the region with lots of construction projects, needs a qualified professional team to handle the design, as well as monitoring various system correctly and safely within an adequate budget. With MKC’S aims of creating quality work and Mr. MONG KHUN is one of the leading businessman in Cambodia, determination to provide a better economic environment for Cambodia. MKC Group Co., Ltd was established with the goal of creating products with international standards by the cometent workforce.

Human Resource Development

To create products with international standards by the competent workforce.

Taskforce for Mongkhun Group Co., Ltd consists of a combination of teams in management, technical, construction, and labor. No matter who you are in the organization, we are one single who join forces in making quality work and providing honesty in every project. One of the most important missions of MKC Group Co., Ltd is to develop potential in every level of employees, increasing skill and expertise in both manually and technologically. The would provide the opportunity for career growth and create a willingness in striving for the highest satisfaction of our customers and in achieving goals set forth in establishing international standards. With monthly and quarterly meeting, the management is able to exchange thoughts within every level of employees and moreover, the annual seminar will help employees to realize the direction of the company.

Marketing Strategies

Values to Prove the Capability
From swift management policy in order to promptly serve the need of customers along with excellent abilities in business operation, today we are determined to prove that high-quality work of MKC Group Co., Ltd is the factor that enables to stand firmly with skill and expertise. There are four standards of value including: 1. Trustworthiness of products that meets the international standard 2. Encourage expertise in manual skill and technology 3. Maximize the value of the project within appropriate budget 4. Honest and straightforward work, enthusiastically following up problems that arise from all projects.

Future Business Plans

Creation of International Standards Projects

At present, every step of MKC Group Co., Ltd is facilitated with the expert team and ingenious management of our Chairman and Board of Directors. We firmly believe that we will grow and move forward…

Organization improves a person,
a person performs his best in the job
to strive for international standards.


The founder strongly believes that all employees working at MKC Group are integral part playing significant roles for the overall growth of the company. We are delighted to say that the highest form of safety are being observed at all workplaces in all projects that we handle, and that we are in full compliance with the existing laws and regulations of the Labour Code of Cambodia being implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT).

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